The company “Cryptocode” became one of the founders of the Belarusian blockchain association.

Belarus is a country where information technology is actively developing, including blockchain technology. Blockchain (distributed registry technology) is a technology or a special algorithm created for processing information in a decentralized system. Blockchain technology is developing rapidly and is used in Read More

The analogue of VISA in the world of cryptocurrency – Kyber Network

With the rapid increase in holders of various cryptocurrencies, there was a problem in safe storage and favorable exchange. To address these issues, the Kyber Network project appeared, which is an analogue of the VISA payment system in the field of Read More

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus has defined token accounting standards

In the course of implementing Decree No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy”, the Ministry of Finance approved the National Accounting and Reporting Standard “Digital Signs (Tokens)”. Here you can read the text of this document published on Read More